Almazan Kitchen is purely known for complex dishes: main and garnish - perfectly balanced and unbelievably delicious. But what about some snacks? Chicharron is a fried pork rind, this snack is very popular in Spanish influenced places, and not without a reason! Because we like to mix different cuisines in...

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Best Black Tacos! - You Won't Believe!

Best Black Tacos! – You Won’t Believe!

Springs throwback series continues with mouthwatering stylish Cuatro quesos (4 cheese) black tacos! This dish is not only incredibly delicious but also very unique! Purple lavender, orange cheddar, green pesto, mild white pistachio – four awesome kinds of cheese + cured ham and avocado, everything served on special black tortillas! These tacos will...

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Epic Bushcraft Meatballs - Snowy Balls of Meat

Epic Bushcraft Meatballs – Snowy Balls of Meat

This is the video we all been waiting for since Tuesday! Balanced snacks made ofcrispy mini pancakes with delicious meatballs soaked in interesting sauce and mozzarella in between. Everything was made with fire, literally! You will need these ingredients: 500g mince 1 cup homemade tomato paste, mozzarella garlic cloves, fresh mint ...

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